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Aikido Summer 2012 from www.shoshin-dojo.de

Dear Aikidoka, I like to invite you to 3 Aikido Summer Seminars 2012

1. International Aikido Seminar in Follonica / Tuscany (Italy) with Roberto Martucci 6. Dan & Dirk Mueller 5. Dan

1.07. - 6.07.2012 "Aikido und Holiday" at the beautiful tuscanien cost. For more informations: www.aikidosummer.com

2. Internationales Aikido Seminar in Oldenburg (Germany) with Cesar Febles 5. Dan & Dirk Mueller 5. Dan

1.08. - 5.08.2012 "Aikido in the countryside of Hundsmuehlen" there is the possibility for camping, cooking and barbecue beside the Dojo, with a natural swimming lake nearby. (Also cheap pensions and hotels are availiable close to the Dojo)

3. International Aikido Summerschool in České Budějovice (Budweis / CZ) with Dirk Mueller 5. Dan 23.08. - 26.08.2012

"Aikido in the gentle landscape of South Bohemia including canoeing on the river Otrava ", (with early booking it is possible to find low cost accommodation in the beautiful historic old town of Budweis)

For more informations please check: www.shoshin-dojo.de

Kind regards 
Dirk Mueller

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