Владислав (wlad_1978) wrote,

Genuine Hoyt Rambo

Стало интересно каким же луком пользовался Силвестр Сталонэ в кинофильме Рэмбо - вот что удалось откопать в Сети

Offered for sale is Genuine Hoyt Rambo RH (please do not confuse with standard "Rambo" with big orange lettering! this one
is a genuine reprodiction of a bow used in the movie; same limbs and pulleys. One of only 12 ever made back in days (Hoyt
planned x100 but it was not a hot seller for a whooping $700 in 1986! so they stopped at x12). commemorates First Blood II Movie.
All Black Porche Paint. never used. I'm the only owner. I purchased it new and its still new. being Special Limited Edition and all
its still a practical take down bow. weight 60lbs. draw 28"-32" have to check. includes quality certificate from Hoyt. US$10'000.

Tags: лук
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