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KI BO BAE - очень симпатична девушка и замечательная лучница  - почти влюбился ;-))

The archers shot the individual finals Saturday afternoon at the Shanghai World Cup.

The two gold medals at stake in Recurve went to Korean archers, IM Dong-Hyun and KI Bo Bae, while in Compound the winners were Shaun TEASDALE (NZL) and Nicky HUNT (GBR).

Recurve Men

Bronze Medal - Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) vs Jayanta TALUKDAR (IND)
It’s the fifth encounter between these two archers. TALUKDAR won their first three matches, but the last one was won by GALIAZZO at the World Cup Final last year in the semifinals (111-103). This year the 2004 Olympic champion GALIAZZO placed in the top 10 in the three previous stages of the World Cup, but it’s the first time he has a shot a final. As for TALUKDAR, he won the individual title in Porec in 2006 and 2009 and the team event in Antalya 2008 and Santo Domingo 2009. This year his best result was a 5th place in Antalya.

Today, GALIAZZO took the first set 29-28, but lost the second 26-30. The archers tied at 2-2, then 3-3. GALIAZZO had one bad arrow in the fourth set (10-7-10) while TALUKDAR was more solid (9-10-10). The archer from India shot one more point than his opponent in the fifth set to take the match and the bronze medal 7-3.

Today the 2000 Olympic Champion Simon FAIRWEATHER (AUS) and the 2008 Canadian Olympian Crispin DUENAS gave us their live commentaries on the matches.

Simon FAIRWEATHER: Today Jayanta TALUKDAR gave a nice example of good technique and quick timing. His shots and technique were much more consistent and centralized, well on the target.

Gold Medal - IM Dong-Hyun (KOR) vs LEE Chang-Hwan (KOR)
This match featured two teammates with an exeptional success record. They won the team gold medal together at the Beijing Olympics and the Ulsan Worlds. LEE is the current individual World Champion - a title he won over IM (113-108). LEE competed in the Ogden World Cup this year where he placed 3rd in the team competition and 17th individually. As for IM, he won the World Cup Final 2008 in Lausanne and placed 3rd at the last World Cup stage (team and individual). Last year in Shanghai, the two archers had met in quarterfinals, which IM won 109-108.

This time, the archers tied at 27-27 in the first set. LEE had a weak score in the second set (7-10-8) that gave the 2 points to his opponent. However the world champion came back to win the third set 29-28 and the fourth 29-27. IM shot his best scores when it counted most, in the fifth and decisive set. With 10-10-10 he managed to come back and tie LEE at 5-5. In the shoot-off, both archers scored a 9, but IM’s was closer to the centre. IM Dong-Hyun added another gold medal to his exceptional collection!

Simon FAIRWEATHER: IM had the early lead as LEE shot poorly in the second set. Then LEE was more consistent in the following sets and would have won under the old competition format. However a perfect final set for IM and the new set system made that IM had the advantage in points.

Recurve Women

Bronze Medal - WU Hui Ju (TPE) vs YUN Ok-Hee (KOR)
YUN won the individual bronze medal in Beijing and at the Copenhagen World Cup Final last year. She also won several team gold medals, most notably at the 2008 Olympics and the 2009 Worlds. WU, the archer from the Chinese Taipei, won the team bronze medal at the Athens 2004 Olympics. She has been a regular on the World Cup circuit since 2006.

This was a rematch of the Shanghai World Cup 2006 semifinals, where YUN had defeated WU 115-105. In the first set, WU shot 7-9-8 and was surpassed by YUN (9-9-9). In the second set, the archer from Chinese Taipei shot 8-3-7. YUN easily took the lead (29-18). She lost the following set (9-10-8 to 9-9-10) but still led 4-2. The Korean archer was perfect in the fourth set, scoring x10-x10-10 to take the match and the bronze medal 6-2.

Simon FAIRWEATHER: Both shooters showed signs of nerves in that they both held their shots for a long time, especially WU on the second set, where she shot a 3. As usual, once a reprieve was handed to the Korean archer, the shot timing returned and the result was an x10.

Gold Medal - Deepika KUMARI (IND) vs KI Bo Bae (KOR)
KI became World University Champion in 2008 and placed 2nd at the last stage of the World Cup in Ogden. KUMARI, only 16, is the current Cadet World Champion.

The Korean archer won the first two sets 29-27 to lead 4-0. Both archers scored 10-9-9 in the third set. Just as her teammate did in the bronze medal final, KI shot a perfect 30 in the fourth set to take the match and her third gold medal of the day!

Simon FAIRWEATHER: KI shot fantastic scores. Under the old format she would have scored 116, which is very high. She could have shot in the compound division!

Compound Men

Bronze Medal - Dietmar TRILLUS (CAN) vs Jorge JIMENEZ (ESA)
Jorge JIMENEZ became famous is his country for winning the 2007 World Cup Final in Dubai. This year his best result came in Ogden: a silver medal. As for TRILLUS, the 2007 World Champion finally qualified for a medal final after placing 7th in Porec, 9th in Antalya and 6th in Ogden this year. It’s the first time that these two monuments in archery compete against each other in the World Cup.

Both archers displayed spectacular shooting, scoring 29 points each in the first three sets. TRILLUS took the advantage in the fourth set (30-29) to lead 5-3, but the scores were inverted in the decisive set for a tie at 5-5. In the shoot-off, Dietmar TRILLUS started with a 9. JIMENEZ answered with an x10 to take the bronze.

Simon FAIRWEATHER: The wind was blowing during this final but the weather was less and less humid. Jorge JIMENEZ’ arrows were on both sides of the target, while TRILLUS had better groups.

Gold Medal - Shaun TEASDALE (NZL) vs Koos DE WET (RSA)
This final featured the no. 13 against the no. 19 from qualifications! The 21-year-old TEASDALE has competed on the World Cup circuit since 2008. He placed 9th in Antalya and 8th in Ogden this year. Koos DE WET was competing in his very first World Cup event here in Shanghai. He is new on the FITA circuit and his major achievement so far is a silver at the African Continental Championships in April Pretoria.

Shaun TEASDALE won the first set 10-10-x10 to x10-8-9. He was perfect again in the second set, but the margin was closer this time (30-29). DE WET shot 29 points again in the third set to tie his opponent. The score moved to 5-1 for the archer from New Zealand. The match concluded with another set at 29 points from both archers. TEASDALE reached 6 set points to win his first gold medal at a World Cup!

Simon FAIRWEATHER: The interesting thing is that the place of the arrows in this match is the same as in the previous one. The shadow from the stadium roof moved across the target during the match but didn’t seem to affect either archer.

Compound Women

Bronze Medal - Albina LOGINOVA (RUS) vs Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA)
Albina LOGINOVA, the reigning World Champion from Russia, was 6th in Porec and 5th in Antalya and Ogden this year. She was 3rd last year in Shanghai. As for ANSCHUTZ, the 21-year-old American won the team bronze at the 2007 and 2009 Worlds. Recently, ANSCHTUZ defeated LOGINOVA 5-3 in quarterfinals at World Cup stage 2 in Antalya. The Russian had previously eliminated the American in Ulsan in the 1/8 elimination round, 119-118. Both archers are qualified for the World Cup Final.

The American had the best start in this final, shooting x10-10-x10 against 10-9-8 to LOGINOVA. ANSCHUTZ led 2-0. The Russian archer shot X10-10-9 in the second set to tie at 2-2. The scores were tied in the third set (LOGINOVA 8-9-10, ANSCHUTZ 9-9-9) and the score moved to 3-3. The wind started to blow and bother the two archers, especially LOGINOVA who shot 9-x10-7. ANSCHUTZ scored 9-9-9 to take the lead 5-3. She shot 9-x10-x10 in the last set and beat LOGINOVA’s score of 8-9-8. The American took the set, the match and the bronze medal 7-3.

Sebastien FLUTE: Albina LOGINOVA’s 7 in the fourth set cost her a lot, because she was still on track for the medal before that. She could even have won the set had she scored 9 or higher. After that she lost her focus. In the last set Erika ANSCHUTZ shot 29 to take the advantage.

Gold Medal - Linda OCHOA (MEX) vs Nicky HUNT (GBR)
This final featured two athletes who have qualified for the World Cup Final in Edinburgh. In 2009 Nicky HUNT had won the Porec stage and competed in the World Cup Final in Copenhagen. This year she placed 2nd in Porec and Antalya and was probably hungry for a gold medal! As for Linda OCHOA, the Mexican archer placed 4th here in China last year. Her best individual achievements are a silver at the Santo Domingo World Cup in 2009 and a title of Panamerican Champion in 2008.

Linda OCHOA entered this final with a bad arrow (6) that cost her the first set. HUNT was perfect to take the second set (30-28) and lead 4-0. The Mexican archer shot 29 points in the third set, against x10-8-9 to HUNT, to come back 2-4. After a tie at 29-29, the score moved to 5-3 for HUNT. Linda OCHOA took the fourth set 29-28 to tie at 4-4. In the shoot-off, HUNT started with a 9. OCHOA shot the same score but farther from the centre. Victory for Nicky HUNT!

Crispin DUENAS: Nicky HUNT started off as the stronger archer, however Linda OCHOA got better as the match went on. Both archers had one shot that was really bad but each archer equalled their opponent forcing a tie-break. Nicky HUNT won the tie-break with a stronger shot.

This concludes the Archery World Cup Stage 4. See you in Edinburgh in two weeks for the grand Final!

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