Владислав (wlad_1978) wrote,

Мой Böker Speedlock 3000 Walnut

Где-то в интернете видел рекламу, как этим же ножом разрезали автомобильную покрышку ;-) Один из немногих ножей не являющихся по закону ФРГ холодным оружием.

In 1996, the cover of the Boker dealer catalog featured a totally new design from Boker and we called it Top Lock. Eight years later, and after tens of thousands of Top Locks were sold worldwide, we realized we needed a fresh new look in this area. Welcome to SPEEDLOCK 3000. Introduced in the EWA Show in Germany. SPEEDLOCK 3000 immediately became the hit of the show. While the SPEEDLOCK 3000 is an automatic for most of the world, it will be imported as a manual knife for the United States. Like Top Lock, the button will be the blade locking mechanism. Lock open, lock closed. Most evident, it is designed for function and comfort. Three versions are available using 4034 stainless steel and a matte finish aluminium handle. Blade length: 3 3/8". Overall length: 7 7/8". Walnut insets, satin finish plain blade.
Tags: Böker, ножи, складные ножи
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