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Outsiders: Living Off the Edge

Нашёл симпатичное документальное кино и том как живут за рамками обычного - вне системы, может мы когда-то скоро к этому вернёмся, кто знает. Этот вариант на немецком и мне более понятный

In the age of technology, the world is getting smaller, and some people go to extreme lengths and places to escape. For a rare breed, homesteads are still far too close for comfort. For them, independence means re-defining "off the grid." A collection of unique individuals are hiding out where no one else thinks to look - "above the grid" in the trees, "below the grid" in caves, "outside the grid" on a remote island, and "beyond the grid" on the mountaintops. They say that any true refuge comes at a price…but some people are willing to pay it. Welcome to the Boonies.

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