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Весенний ветер, профессия - путешественник

Когда дует ветер перемен, некоторые строят защитные стены, другие строят мельницы

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Wishlist - Product Nr. 1 and LAST - Stanley Mountain 354ml Vacuum Trail Mug
May be somebody know, may be not - but anyway that moment will come if I wish or not. You remember what Joey and Rachel means about age and gift-list??? To stay serious I think there is no mistake in this point of view in some aspect, however (how like to say in England), I was also thinking about some other accessories for example for akido, or for my Olympic bow...

But I LIKE Coffee and in the office we have good espresso machine and the coffee is not good enough and this mug can also be used also for lot of outdoor activities and I think it can be the my wish NUMBER ONE and LAST ;-)

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