Владислав (wlad_1978) wrote,

Italian coffe in Himeji

 story by Gabriele Di Camilo

We were in Himeji, and we were going to the castle and in the main street there's a place called "San Marino Caffè". We thought: "ok let's try and see if they're able to make a good espresso". We went in and ask for two espresso, the girl behind the counter was smiling and began preparing the first coffee...

We Italians have a sixth sense: we know when a coffee machine is going on for to much time and the coffee is getting too watery so we "sensed" and we shouted "yame!" to stop the girl...

Making the second coffee the girl was constantly looking at us so stopped at once when we said "yame"...giving us the coffees she said "demo ....sukoshi desu"..."but...is a too little amount"

We said smiling..."no, that's good". After some hours, getting back from the castle, we found ourselves in front of the same place and we said "why not?...it was good"

The girl saw us entering the place and went to the coffee machine.

Well...on the first coffee we had to say "yame"...on the second, she stopped just before we could say anything...the espresso was nearly perfect...

We drank and went to pay... Coming near us the girl asked "sorry, where are you from?" "Italy, and what you made was a very good italian espresso". She was amazed, began to bow, and explained to all the crew of the place the fact, they all bowed thanking us for teaching the right way to prepare an italian coffee...

 ...very nice indeed...but we only said "yame!"

Tags: айкидо, италия, кофе, разное, япония
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